The new shape of salad,
Vegedeco Salad®

Fun to look at and fun to eat, this full of joy's salad just came into being.
As beautiful as a decorated cake, this salad is a real present.
It promises you a very pleasant time
by making you smile and surprising you.

「Vegedeco salad®, the salad summed up as being « Fun to look at and fun to eat, a salad full of joy»,
came into being.
Vegedeco salad®, the new shape of a salad is an original product of « Mistuki Style »(2015/06).
According to each season of the year, new designs and products are created.

Vegedeco Salad®GALLERY

« Fun to look at and fun to eat, a salad full of joy ». Vegedeco Salad®, the new shape of salad.
Enjoy watching our gorgeous salads.

  1. Vegedeco Salad® Vegedeco Salad®
  2. Vegedeco Salad® Vegedeco Salad®
  3. Vegedeco Salad® Vegedeco Salad®
  4. Vegedeco Salad® Vegedeco Salad®
  5. Vegedeco Salad® Vegedeco Salad®
  6. Vegedeco Salad® Vegedeco Salad®
  7. Vegedeco Salad® Vegedeco Salad®
  8. Vegedeco Salad® Vegedeco Salad®

A particular attention to low carb and gluten free

Beautiful to look at, fun to eat and above all HEALTHY.
Vegedeco Salad® will fullfil your strong expectations.
Vegedeco Salad®'s charm also remains in the choice of its dressing, both funny and tasty to add.
Please have a look at our carefully selected ingredients.

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  1. 15

    A world where you make your own Vegedeco Salad finally begins!
  2. irma

    Mothers’ Day special Collaboration with the worldwide popularity illustrator IRMA
  3. 0403-141-Edit

    From May 18th (Wed) 2016 to May 24th (Tue), Isetan main building (B1)”is holding an exhibition “food collection” where “Vegedeco SaladR” will be displayed during a special event “wellbeing foodlife” which aims to a reconsideration of our daily food.
  4. 2cfbc8667b85066b0d3d78fa9b856f04

    April, 12th. Vegedeco Salad appeared on Tokai television’s program « Switch »
  5. DSC_9417

    April, 5th. Vegedeco Café Opened!


  1. gallery7

    Violet fleur Vegedeco Salad®
  2. gallery9

    Italian green Vegedeco Salad®
  3. gallery4

    Vitamin Orange Vegedeco Salad®
  4. gallery5

    Coral Pink Vegedeco Salad®
  5. gallery10

    Cacao Nibs Vegedeco Salad®
LINE@ ベジデコサラダふれんず募集

Vegedeco Salad® Café
« Vegedeco Salad® Café » is located in Nagoya, Nakaku,Sakae, in the French Restaurant« La Porte Maseille ».
Vegedeco Salad's Takeout is possible.

Vegedeco Salad® Café (In La Porte Marseille)
Nishiki 3-17-5 Nagoyacity Naka-ku ,Aichi 460-0003 Japan
Reservation : 0529519220
Opening hours : Lunch : 11:30-16:00  (last order) 15:30
Closing day : Monday