Vegedeco Salad was originally born in 2015 in July and appeared for the first time on the menu of a French restaurant located in Nagoya.

In 2013, Mrs Mitsuki created an original gluten free and low carb bread made with soy flour. Just after that, Vegedoco Salad was created.
In January 2015 her original bread made of soy flour has been approved by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Nagoya.

The concept of Vegedeco Salad is to be “fun to look at, “fun to eat” and “full of joy” using a new shape of salad.
By its cuteness and the way it surprises, people starts talking and to have a good time. Vegedeco salad gives to everybody a smile !
It’s that kind of table scene that she wanted to create releasing her Vegedeco Salada.
Many smiles during a precious lunch time. “Vegedeco Salad” is closely connected with smile.
A meal in which you and me can chose the decorations that will fit our emotions the most and give us a smile.
When you need to get better, when you feel you want be more beautiful, or when you just feel happy, Vegedeco Salad will fulfill your expectations.
A table overloaded with smiles, this is that idea which was the directive though in the creation of these salads.

Salads’ composition is based on a healthy and beauty care meal style, Japanese traditional ingredients such as Koji and tofu are used.
Very colorful and bright to the eyes, Vegedeco Salads are completely made with natural ingredients, using the vegetables’ lovely color provided by mother Earth.

Vegedeco Salada is a product of the food style designer Mitsuki Moriyasu.
It has been 30 years that Mitsuki Moriyasu is running restaurant in Sakae, Nagoya.

Mitsuki Moriyasu became a specialist in low carb and gluten free food style and combines it with an healthy and beauty care food style in an original way of cooking.
She also has been teaching yoga, “breath and control” technics for 25 years.
She is wishing that her innovation of a salad that totally look like a decorated cake will travel all around the world and give a smile to all the people.
Mitsuki Moriyasu is very thankful for the gifts that Mother Earth provides and is glad to use them in her salads.

In April, the 5th 2015 Vegedeco Cafe, newly specialized in Vegedeco Salad opened.
Both men and women were very surprised, happy and exciting to discover new salads.
It was a day with tables full of people’s smiles thanks to Vegedeco Salad.